What Is Aurat??

Many women's still don't understand what is Aurat.
A woman's aurat in front of people other than her mahram is exactly as how she covers herself during salat.
~Everyting is aurat except face and two palms

Where is Aurat??

so if we are talking about certain part of the body, where is that certain part of body?well, aurat of men and women is totaly different, since man and woman is different..For men, the part where they have to close is between the navel untill the lower part of their knee.. For women, they have to close all part of body expect their face and wrist

When Shoud We close our Aurat??

well, aurat should be closed once you hit purbety. Why? because when we hit purbety, our sins and deeds will be counted by Allah. For Men their Aurat should be close all the time except infornt of their wife. For women their Aurat like the men's aurat infront of their husband,their father, the father of their husband, their sons, the sons of their husband,their brothers,their brother sons, their sister sons and so on..(please read the Al-Quran 24:31) 

 Why Should We close our Aurat??

 People mostly women think that it is unnessary for them to close their Aurat. Here i gonna tell you we have to close it because the Al-Quran says so, but i'm gonna tell it based on the logic. Aurat is very closed to sexsuality. For instance, when a men see the navel, the thigs, the breast, the buttock or the beautiful hair of a women, the men surely got excited and his lust will start control him. and this is what Islam don't want because when the lust control a person, he will surely lost his mind..

Nota Kecil
Dan diri ini hanya hamba yang mengemis kasih sayang dari PenciptaNYA AKU bukan USTAZAH..cuma HAMBA yang sedang mencari ILMU dan berkongsi kpd sahabat belog